Deposit paid on orders is non-refundable.

Each item is individually handcrafted, and as part of its beauty and unique characteristics slight variations may occur between each piece. Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their order.

When order is placed, a proof will be emailed to you to enable you to correct any mistakes. Proofs must be checked and approved as soon as possible to avoid delays in production. Once final proof has been approved, customers will be held liable for any printing errors.

Proofs and artwork remain the property of Chicreative and may be used for advertising purposes. If extra invites are needed after order has been completed, a minimum amount of 5 applies.

If any products/special colours need to be ordered that are not usually held in stock, these items are not refundable for change of mind.

Any delivery and completion dates given by Chicreative is done so in good faith and we do our best to adhere to it, however, we advise that allowances be made for unexpected delays when ordering.

All designs are subject to the availability of stock. If any materials become out of stock or discontinued, we will contact you to suggest alternate materials to complete your order.

In the case of any shortages or defects please report them within 3 days of receiving your order.

We will not be held accountable for any defects reported after this time, nor for any damage caused by weather or post.


By placing an order with Chicreative, you agree to the terms & conditions set above.